FVT training offer (A.Y. 2024-25)

FVT training offer (A.Y. 2024-25)




The courses offered by the Valdese Faculty of Theology (A.A. 2023-24) *


The theological training offered by the Valdese Faculty is divided into 4 courses

1) bachelor's degree in theology - with compulsory attendance;

2) bachelor's degree in theology - with compulsory attendance;

3) doctorate in theology - historical, systematic/ecumenical area;

4) bachelor's degree in biblical and theological sciences - 1st level degree, which can also be obtained using distance learning methodologies.


The offer is completed with two further training opportunities:

1) two-year courses: biblical-theological training certificates

2) all training offers, whether curricular or occasional, can be joined as an "auditor".

The degrees awarded by the Faculty are recognised by the Ministry of University and Research, and included in the European Erasmus project.


*Courses indicated on the programme are also offered online (via the zoom platform)



Applications for enrolment/registration may be received by the Faculty secretariat during the following periods


by 31 July 2024: Bachelor's degree in Theology/ Master's degree in Theology

2 - 30 September 2024: Degree in Biblical and Theological Sciences; Certificates of Formation; Thematic Courses 

by 11 October 2024: Enrolment in the All you can learn/ auditors formula


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