Intensive session

Intensive session


Paul, who are you?


LSBT Intensive Study Session- Rome 24 and 25 June 2022



IN PRESENCE AT AULA A (Valdese Faculty of Theology)


ONLINE (zoom)



Paul of Tarsus, the Apostle of the Gentiles, in the last forty years has been the subject of new studies that reach very different results, depending on the perspective adopted. This intensive study session proposes in particular

 a meeting with two scholars: Romano Penna, one of the main interpreters

 of the Apostle, author among others of an important commentary on the Letter to the Romans, and Gabriele Boccaccini, who recently proposed an essay in which he proposes a profoundly new reading of Pauline theology through the First Book

 of Enoch.


Romano Penna (Professor emeritus of Origini Christiane at the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Lateran University)


Gabriele Boccaccini (Professor of Second Temple Judaism and Christian Origins at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor)


Eric Noffke (Professor of New Testament at the Valdese Faculty of Theology Rome)






24 June 2022

Afternoon by Prof. Eric Noffke

14.30: Introduction to the session

14.45: An Ever New Face? Paul between Old, New and Radical New Perspectives.

16,30: Break

17.00: The Apostle of Justification: An Overview of Paul's Theology


25 June 2022

Morning by Prof. Romano Penna

9.00: The manifestation of God's justice: exegesis of Romans 3:21-31

10.30 a.m.: Break

11.00: An apostle still relevant: reading Paul today


Afternoon by Prof. Gabriele Boccaccini

14.30: Interpreting Paul as a Second Temple Jew and a Middle-Jewish theologian

16.00: Break

16.30: Question time and conclusions

18.00: Conclusion of proceedings


The texts and bibliography will be available in advance.

The course will be offered in presence and/or online (ZOOM).