LSBT exam calendar

LSBT exam calendar


Please find attached the CALENDAR OF EXAMINATIONS LSBT/ Certificates of Biblical and Theological Education (2nd semester A.A. 2020-2021)

We point out that some dates may have to be changed, depending on the commitments of some professors. 
Consult from month to month
to check the calendar that will be confirmed - thank you.
For any clarification please contact the secretariat 

Remote program release (LSBT, BT Certificates, Thematic Courses)
We invite those enrolled in the various distance learning programs (Bible and Theological Sciences Degree, Thematic Courses, BT Certificates).
to send ALL
communications, exam registrations and requests for information to the following address:
The secretariat will then provide the sorting. 
In the case of specific requests regarding the teaching of individual disciplines, you can contact the teachers directly:
Enrico Benedetto
Fulvio Ferrario
Pawel Gajewski
Daniele Garrone
Sergio Manna
Eric Noffke
Letizia Tomassone
Lothar Vogel

Currently ALL LSBT/ Bible and Theological Training Certificate examinations will be held telematically on the SKYPE platform.
Please communicate your Skype account to the FVT Secretariat ( before the LSBT exam interview/ BT Certificate of Education.