Old Testament Theology Course (Prof. Daniele Garrone)

Old Testament Theology Course (Prof. Daniele Garrone)




Old Testament Theology 

The Covenant in the Hebrew Bible


Prof. Daniele Garrone (FVT)


Every Tuesday at 18:00


from March 1 to May 31, 2022


The notion of covenant or covenant (Berît) is one of the central concepts that in the Hebrew Bible give an interpretation of the relationship between Yhwh, humanity and his people. It is taken up in the New Testament, in the New Testament, but it is also central to the New Testament. Understood as a "testament," it will have important repercussions in later Christian theology, on the relationship between Christians and Jews. Its repercussions reach all the way to modern political thought, via what is known as federal theology. This course will focus on the beginning of this complex journey by showing how covenant is spoken of in the Hebrew Bible. After an introductory overview, we will deal in particular with the covenants with Noah (Gen 9) and Abraham (Gen 15 and 17) and David (Ps 89), the one at Sinai (Ex 19-24 + 32-34); the new covenant (Jer 31:31-34). In the background we will have the language of treaties and oaths of allegiance in the context of biblical Israel.

A bibliography will be distributed at the beginning of the course and written materials will be provided for each class.





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