The formation of the biblical canon Conference - 19-22 January 2021 via Zoom

The formation of the biblical canon  Conference - 19-22 January 2021  via Zoom


Dear students and friends of the Valdese Faculty of Theology
together with the Institut Protestant de Theologie of Paris we have the pleasure of inviting you to the conference of studies on the biblical canon that will take place on the Zoom platform from 19 to 22 January. The professors from our respective faculties and specialists invited for the occasion will offer you a series of lectures and seminars to explore the way in which the Bible was formed, as it was established in the main Christian churches.
The decision to use the computer tool allows us to extend the invitation to all students and friends of our faculty who are interested in participating (for those enrolled in the Theology Degree, attendance at the lessons is curricular).

To participate, please register by 10 January by sending an e-mail and the completed registration form (attached) to the secretariat ( The zoom link to participate will be provided near the event.

Registration fee for students enrolled in FVT (LSBT/ CERTIFICATES OF TRAINING/ ALL YOU CAN LEARN/ HEARERS): € 20
Registration fee for people not enrolled in the Waldensian Faculty of Theology: € 40 

It is also possible to attend only some single sessions. 

The working languages will be Italian, French and, in the seminars, also English. The lectures will however be translated into Italian.

 Participation in the whole conference with the request of a written report will allow the acquisition of 5 CFU for LSBT students.
 LSBT students.