Rome, 4-15 July, 2022



The programme of the Coptic Summer School is designed to provide qualified students, scholars and people passionate about ancient religious history with a well-founded understanding of Coptic language (mainly the Sahidic variety) through an introduction to Coptic grammar or a careful reading of some selected literary sources.



SUMMER SCHOOL COURSES (duration of each course: 2 weeks)



1. Introduction to Sahidic Coptic is designed to cover all of the basic elements of Sahidic Coptic grammar, and to build a basic vocabulary (Vittorio Secco, Facoltà Valdese di Teologia, Rome)


2. Reading Coptic Texts involves actually reading and exploring a selection of Coptic sources, ranging from Nag Hammadi Library to Manichaean and ancient hagiographical texts


/with participation of: Jens Schröter (Humboldt Universität Berlin), Anna Van den Kerchove (Institut Protestant de Théologie, Paris), Dylan Michael Burns (Universiteit van Amsterdam), Andrea Annese (Alma Mater Studiorum, Università di Bologna), Lothar Vogel (Facoltà Valdese di Teologia, Rome)/




The Coptic Summer School program also offers a variety of lectures by specialists in different fields of Coptic Literature: these events are an integral part of the Coptic Summer School program and they are open, as free conferences, to a wider audience.


5 July 2022 (6 PM CET)

Eric Noffke (Facoltà Valdese di Teologia, Rome) The mystery of God and the human being. Rethinking gnosis and gnosticism in the light of recent discoveries and new patterns in research (Live in Rome + Online)


7 July 2022 (6 PM CET)

Paola Buzi (Università degli Studi "La Sapienza", Rome) An archaeological atlas of Coptic literature (Live in Rome + Online)


12 July 2022 (6 PM CET)

Anna Van den Kerchove (Institut Protestant de Théologie, Paris) Rituality in valentinian groups: from cosmology to

anthropology (Live in Rome + Online)


14 July 2022 (6 PM CET)

Alberto Camplani (Università degli Studi "La Sapienza", Rome) Religious pluralism and the origins of Coptic literature (Online)



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