Public course on the history of Christianity in the age of the Reformation (1400-1650)- Prof. Lothar Vogel

Public course on the history of Christianity in the age of the Reformation (1400-1650)- Prof. Lothar Vogel


October 21, 2021 - February 3, 2022


every Thursday











(Prof. Lothar Vogel)


History of Christianity in the Age of Reformation (1400-1650)







21.10.21 Introduction    

28.10.21 The Bohemian Reformation

04.11.21 Theology and church around 1500

11.11.21 Martin Luther up to 1525

18.11.21 Ulrich Zwingli and the Reformation in Switzerland

25.11.21 The "Radical" Reformation

02.12.21 From the Catholic Reformation to the Counter-Reformation

09.12.21 The search for a new order and new equilibrium

16.12.21 Geneva and John Calvin

Christmas Holidays

13.01.22 The Reformation in the Netherlands, France, Italy and Central and Eastern Europe

                  Central and Eastern Europe

20.01.22 The Anglican Reformation

27.01.22 The era of confessionalization up to the Thirty Years' War

                   Thirty Years' War

03.02.22 Conclusions


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