5 x 1000 to the Faculty

5 x 1000 to the Faculty


Dear friends


again this year we would like to remind you of the possibility of donating your 5 per thousand to the Valdese Faculty of Theology. The Faculty not only takes charge of training future pastors and shepherds of the evangelical churches in Italy, but also tries to contribute to the spread of a theological culture based on freedom of conscience, respect for diversity and peaceful coexistence. For us, these principles are an expression of the love of neighbor to which all of Scripture invites us.

Our Faculty needs financial support to carry out its mission, for example to implement hybrid teaching in the telematics classroom, to keep the Library (open to the public and used by students and researchers from many disciplines) up to date, and to fund lectures by international guests. Your signature on our behalf is a concrete help.



With cordiality

Lothar Vogel, Dean