Dogmatic Course (Eschatology) - Prof. Fulvio Ferrario

Dogmatic Course (Eschatology) - Prof. Fulvio Ferrario


October 21, 2021 - February 3, 2022


every Thursday







Prof. Fulvio Ferrario


Structures of Christian Eschatology (DOGMATICS)


At the Sound of the Last Trumpet


Introduction to the Christian doctrine of hope



The central thesis that inspires these lectures is the following: what faith calls "resurrection," that is, the fulfillment of human and cosmic reality by God himself, is the condition of possibility of Christian hope. This is not an obvious thesis, not even in the church, and for that reason, too, it deserves reflection.





21/10 Introduction: Resurrection: a discourse out of fashion (even in the church)


28/10: Sense and non-sense of the "question of sense", that is: the Christian faith in postmodernity


4/11: "The Lord is truly risen": what does it mean to believe in Jesus?


11/11: The Story of Jesus as the Final Word of God


18/11: In the end, the beginning (J. Moltmann): creation and fulfillment


25/11: Faith and Critique: Vocabulary and Grammar of a Thinking Hope


2/12: Beyond death (I): immortality of the soul and resurrection


9/12: Beyond Death (II): Images of Hope


16/12: New heavens and new earth: the "ecological" dimension of fulfillment


13/1: "He will come to judge the living and the dead": the gospel as judgment and judgment as gospel


20/1: Purgatory and beyond: the doctrine of hope as an ecumenical theme


27/1: Between the alleluja of Easter and the final amen: the structure of Christian existence


3/2: Concluding Dialogue


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