This news announces some very important programs that will take place during the first half of the year 2019-2010:

1) the first intensive study session, to be held in October: biblical exegesis, by prof. Garrone and prof. Noffke - a precious opportunity to learn how to exercise one of the crucial techniques for our theology course! WE ANTICIPATE THAT THE SUMMER INTENSIVE SESSION IS EXPECTED DAYS 26-27 JUNE 2020 AND WILL BE TAKEN BY PROF. FERRARIO AND PROF. VOGEL.

2) the lsbt exam calendar scheduled for the 1st semester: find the dates and teachers ailable from now (October 17th) until February 2020

3) the intensive course of biblical Hebrew is confirmed: we have already collected a good number of adhesions; the detailed program will be announced in a specific news item in January 2020; the course will be held on 21-22 and 23 February 2020 - we will also show you some tools to get to the seminar not entirely without basic knowledge on biblical Hebrew - in the meantime all those who gave their prior adhesion could tell us which is the current level of competence, thank you.

4) A REPORTING TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN BIBLICAL LANGUAGES: in the first semester of the 2019-2020 academic year, residential courses (degree in theology) in both Hebrew and Greek will be activated - information in the secretariat. We remind you that these courses are free for lsbt students.