New Testament Theology Course (Prof. Eric Noffke)

New Testament Theology Course (Prof. Eric Noffke)


New Testament Theology Course



The Untamable Gospel.

The interpretation of the fourth gospel in the history of exegesis


Prof. Eric Noffke (FVT)


Every Thursday at 11:00


from March 3 to May 26, 2022





March 3- Introduction to the course - Interpretations of John

                  in the second century

March 10- Gnostic exegesis of John and Irenaeus of Lyon

March 17- Origen

March 24- Augustine (prof. Martin Wallraff)

March 31- The Reformation

April 7- The Reformation

April 28- The XIX century

May 5- The XX century - Bultmann

May 12- The 20th century - reactions to the historical-critical season

May 19- Feminist exegesis (prof. Letizia Tomassone)

May 26 - The post-colonial and intercultural exegesis

June 2 - Conclusions



Registration fee 

€ 100 (For the single course)


€ 270 for the "All you can learn" formula which allows you to attend all the initiatives indicated in the course catalog, which can be downloaded from the Faculty website.

Free course for those enrolled in the LSBT course


The course will be offered online. 

The credentials and access modes must be requested from the secretariat at the time of registration.