Public Course (TAT) - Prof. Daniele Garrone

Public Course (TAT) - Prof. Daniele Garrone


Navigating in a rough sea?

The Old Testament between history of Israel, theology and history of religions


Public course

every Tuesday

February 23, 2021 - May 25, 2021




Online (Zoom)


The discipline of "Old Testament theology," a little over two centuries old, seeks to capture and express the main thrusts of the Old Testament.

little more than two centuries old, seeks to capture and express the main lines

of "God's speech" and "speech about God" in the Hebrew Bible.

Beginning as "biblical dogmatics", Old Testament theology

soon assumed a historical perspective. Following the

great archaeological discoveries in Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Levant

made in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, it became intertwined with the history of religions.

of religions.

With what method to proceed? We can identify a "center" around which

around which gravitate the numerous books of the library that is the Old Testament?

Testament? Or a theme that embraces various perspectives? Or

must the orientation come from the canon as a whole? Or,

Is the only method that corresponds to Israel's encounter with God in its history "re-narrating"?

with God in her history is to "re-narrate"?

What are the prospects for an Old Testament theology today?

We will try to orient ourselves, navigating through important historical moments,

incisive figures and - above all - problems and questions.

In the end, we will be able to hypothesize a proposal to grasp the theology of the Old Testament in its essential lines.

in its essential lines the theology of the Old Testament, that is to say, its

its "discourse of God and about God"?

Course Dates:

February 23;

March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30;

April 13, 20, 27;

May 4, 11, 18, 25


Bibliography and texts will be sent during the course. 


The course will be offered online. 

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