"Theology of Music: Discovering the female composers of sacred music"

"Theology of Music: Discovering the  female composers of sacred music"




The Valdese Faculty of Theology

 has the pleasure to invite you to the public lecture



"Theology of Music: Discovering the

female composers of sacred music"


28 October


5 p.m.




Valdese Faculty of Theology

                               Via Pietro Cossa, 42                           



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Maria Teresa Pizzulli is a pianist, composer, researcher and teacher of Piano Practice and Reading at the Conservatory of Turin.

 In addition to her professional activity, she is active in the UCEBI Music Ministry.



Since biblical times, theology and music have never been two separate disciplines.

one can speak of a theology of music.

The patriarchal vision that dominated the Christian churches, however, meant that for centuries not only the preaching of the Word, but also the proclamation of the Gospel through music, was male-dominated.

Starting from the assumption that music is spiritual in itself, the lecturer will lead the reflection on the theology of music inherent in the

pages of sacred music written by composers forgotten for centuries, often unknown or misunderstood.

The role that hymn-writers and hymn-composers played in the Protestant churches, from the Reformation onwards, is a theological role: their pages are sermons in music, they are proclamations of the Gospel.

From the Revivals of the 19th century onwards, hymns took the shape of pages of theology in music, but also as a story of faith, in the wake of the pietist tradition, which converged above all in the charismatic and

Pentecostal context.



This will be followed at 6.30 p.m. by a concert lecture:

Women composers of sacred music from the 18th century to the present day


The speaker Maria Teresa Pizzulli will introduce us to some pages written by female composers of sacred music for voice, violin and piano.



Performed by the Duo Pizzulli

(Maria Teresa, piano and Carmela on voice and violin) 





Participation in the lecture (with a written report required) is recognised for LSBT students with 1 CFU