The 'short century' of an Italian Protestant Valdo Vinay (1906-1990)

The 'short century' of an Italian Protestant  Valdo Vinay (1906-1990)


The 'short century' of an Italian Protestant 
Valdo Vinay (1906-1990)

Thirty years after the death of Prof. Valdo Vinay, the Valdese Faculty of Theology wishes to remember one of the people who contributed most to giving it the profile from which it still intends to draw inspiration today. Moreover, Vinay's life and work, especially in the second part of his life, had a wide ecumenical horizon, which we wish to enhance through the expertise of illustrious witnesses. 

Friday 15 January, from 6 to 7.30 p.m.
in telematic mode

The access credentials are as follows - Meeting ID: 327 598 981

The event will also be broadcast live on the Facebook page of the magazine 
of the magazine "Confronti".



Dr Manuela Vinay (co-organiser of the meeting); Diac. Alessandra Trotta (Moderator Tavola Valdese), Mons. Ambrogio Spreafico (Community of St. Egidio),

Prof. Paolo Ricca
Valdo Vinay: a Waldensian theologian

Prof. Andrea Riccardi 
Valdo Vinay and S. Egidio

Prof. Mario Gnocchi 
Valdo Vinay and the Ecumenical Activities Secretariat

Prof. Lothar Vogel coordinates the meeting