The Second Vatican Council as an Ecumenical Theme

The Second Vatican Council as an Ecumenical Theme


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February 24, 2021
May 26, 2021

ONLINE (zoom)

The Second Vatican Council as an Ecumenical Theme

Prof. Fulvio Ferrario
(Professor of Systematic Theology at FVT)


The course aims at presenting some of the main documents of Vatican II, placing side by side and in dialectic a Catholic and an evangelical reading. The lessons presuppose the prior reading of the texts by the participants. The detailed bibliography will be suggested during the lessons: as an introduction, we indicate O.H. Pesch, Il Condilio Vaticano II, tr. it. Brescia, Queriniana, 20152. The Catholic professor, Fabrizio Bosin, is Professor of Chrysrology at the Marianum Faculty of Theology.

24/2: Catholic Theology in the First Half of the 1900s (F. Ferrario)
3/3: Popes, Bishops, Theologians: The Men of the Council (F. Ferrario)
10/3: What is Liturgy? The Sacrosanctum Concilium (F. Bosin)
17/3: Sacrosanctum Concilium: a Protestant reading (F. Ferrario)
24/3: Two ecclesiologies: Lumen Gentium (F. Bosin)
31/3: Lumen Gentium: a Protestant reading (F. Ferrario)
14/4: Catholic Principles of Ecumenism? Unitatis Redintegratio (F. Bosin)
21/4: Unitatis Redintegratio: a Protestant reading (F. Ferrario)
28/4: How many sources of revelation? The Dei Verbum (F. Bosin)
5/5: Dei Verbum: A Protestant Reading (F. Ferrario)
12/5: The Church in the world: Gaudium et spes (F. Bosin)
19/5: Conclusions Gaudium et spes: a Protestant reading /F. Ferrario)
26/5: Conclusions



Enrollment fee: € 100 for a single course or € 200 for the "All you can learn" formula that allows you to attend all the initiatives listed in the course catalog, which can be downloaded from the Faculty website.
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The course will be offered online (zoom). 
Access credentials must be requested from the secretariat 
at the time of enrollment.